Take a walk and unwind with Ottawander – a beautiful and meditative exploration of the various neighbourhoods of the National Capital. Drift through Ottawa’s most significant streets and absorb the city’s best kept secrets with the help of an invisible tour guide. Set to inventive and atmospheric contemporary local music.

For the first time in Ultra High Definition 4K, watch Ottawa’s history unfold in a first person perspective as we walk the streets of Ottawa in the groundbreaking new TV series: “OTTAWANDER”


In tribute to the 1980s late-night Global television production “NightMoves” which achieved cult-like status among college night-owls with its roving camerawork, Ottawawander takes the viewer on a late night stroll through the many neighbourhoods of the nation’s capital while revealing fascinating historical facts. Also inspired by the night cinematography of the 1980s series “Miami Vice” by celebrated film maker Michael Mann, the picturesque city of Ottawa will be showcased in a crystal clear HD cinematic style.


Shot entirely using a Sony FS7 camera mounted on a DJI Ronin Gimbal steadycam rig to give an unparalleled sensation of floating down darkened streets, the pilot episode focuses on a late-night walk down Sparks Street, end to end. Using historical research, archival images and unique slow motion cinematography, the viewer is immersed in a world yet to be experienced. Filmed at 60 frames per second for the ultimate slow motion effect, the ethereal series is enhanced by a soundtrack created by Ottawa “spacefolk” group “Orienteers” who contribute an audio soundscape in coordination with these dreamlike strolls down city streets.


With state-of-the art 4k Ultra HD imagery, Ottawa has been captured in a hypnotically entrancing format that also takes viewer on a trip through history as computer generated captions and archival graphics reveal facts and mysteries along this first person perspective adventure. Created and produced by Andrew King with Christopher Redmond as Director and Senior Producer, Ottawander blends captivating cinematography with unique and relatively unknown historical facts about Ottawa.

The pilot episode will be available for free on TV1 by June 1st to all Bell Fibe subscribers in Ontario and Quebec, with future episodes being aired as the production continues and as locations are filmed and edited.

Ottawander is the first locally-produced public access TV series to ever be broadcast in 4K (Ultra HD) and will provide a unique experience for those that enjoy a hypnotic audio-visual trip in the late hours of the night.


Creator and Producer
Andrew King

Director and Senior Producer
Christopher Redmond

Ben Walker
Alexis Zeville

Editor and Graphic Designer
Philippe Racicot

Administrative Coordinator
Lara de Beaupré

Supervising Producer
Yvan Lajeunesse

Music By
Vocals, Guitar / Ben Wilson
Drums, Vocals / Brennan Pilkington
Pedal Steel, Guitar / Tom Thompson
Bass / Laura Greenberg

Research Material Courtesy
Library and Archives Canada
Brookfield Properties

Special Thanks
Sparks Street BIA
Invest Ottawa

Filmed on location April 26, 2016
Copyright 2016